Facebook Groups for Casino Lovers

There are a number of places for gamblers and casino lovers.

  • Casino Information Exchange: this is a page/group for all information casino related. Here you can find information on jobs, good casinos in the area (any area), ask any and all questions you may have, and any other information you may be looking for.
  • Quit Hits Slots Community: for those who like the brand and the slots offered by Quick Hits and want to interact with other players, users and the company itself.
  • Slostsltd Roulette: a great place for those looking for Most exciting roulette live uk you ever seen just on slotsltd.com or looking for information on live roulette.
  • Casino only; buy, swap, sell: there are some groups that offer players, casinos and others in the gambling or casino world that offer the opportunity to sell, swap and buy everything and anything casino related. From equipment to gear to specialty cards, etc. There is often a lot of cool stuff up for grabs in these groups.
  • Casino Groups: most big brick and mortar and online casinos have a Facebook presence as well. This Facebook presence often comes in the form of a group or page which creates a sense of community and a central place for new, existing and prospective players to come together and discuss, ask questions, seek support and share tips, tricks and helpful hints.
  • Casino Jobs: some cities, regions, countries, etc. have groups for those seeking jobs in the hospitality industries, which includes casinos and casino-related jobs. Often there are postings for dealers, hosts, servers, bartenders, etc. depending on the area and size of the casino.

There are groups for almost everything on Facebook, so if you don’t see what you’re looking for on this list, be sure to search on Facebook itself. There is also the option and opportunity to create your own groups as well.