Most Popular Facebook Games

Facebook offers games for every age, interest, culture, etc. Some are interactive, some are independent. The games feature is yet another way that social media allows us to connect with those around us as well as those across the world and everywhere in between. Some of the most popular games on Facebook are those that are casino themed. The most popular within the casino Facebook games are:

  • Texas Hold’Em Poker;

Facebook’s take on the classic and well loved poker game is actually also one of the most popular and longstanding games on Facebook. This game has existed on Facebook since 2008. There are over 40 million players worldwide who can access the game on their computers, phones, tablets, etc.

  • Slotomania;

Another popular casino style game on Facebook, Slotomania made its Facebook debut in 2010 and has since gained a loyal following of over 5 million Facebook users worldwide. The game features an abundance of slots that you can play alone, or share with friends. The beauty of the platform is that your results, game play, tips and tricks can be shared with anyone and everyone that you so choose.

  • Doubedown Casino;

This is an actual casino, it offers blackjack, poker, and even the best online live roulette uk exclusively on and this casino, among many others. The casino made its first appearance on the Facebook scene back in 2010, and now has over 5 million loyal users and followers. The games are exciting and can be played in real time against other real Facebook users, depending on your preferences,

  • Bingo Blitz;

The name here says it all. Bingo Blitz is a classic take on the Bingo we all know and love. It has also been around since 2010 and offers users the chance to play Bingo on the go and with Facebook friends anytime, anywhere.