Social Media Support and Management: Facebook

Facebook is one of the, if not the largest, social media platforms with over 140 million users worldwide. This fact alone makes Facebook appealing as a way for businesses to reach existing and potential consumers, customers, and key stakeholders. In addition to the sheer exposure and its wide reach, there are also some helpful features and elements of Facebook that make it an easy, effective and efficient way to market, manage and support your business, marketing, business efforts and strategies. Here are some ways that you can support your consumers and stakeholders and manage and reach your objectives using Facebook:

Let your Identity and/or Corporate culture shine through

Make sure that your efforts and support match the tone of your business on other platforms/outlets. Make sure your voice is friendly and consistent whether be it on your ads or through your customer service efforts on Facebook.

Leverage Visual Support

Make sure you catch the readers’ eye using different visual aids and graphics support on your ads, articles, and posts. This includes pictures, videos and even displaying things like visual testimonials and contact information.

Be Active and Available

Make sure that you don’t just answer your phone and emails, make sure to monitor your Facebook inbox as well. Many customers will use Facebook to reach out to you as it is easier and often seemingly faster. In addition to messages, there will be public posts, especially when consumers are upset or unhappy.

Don’t wait for people to come to you

Make sure to keep communication two way on Facebook. Ask questions, create polls, engage in a way that will create a two-way communication channel between your business and key stakeholders, namely consumers. This is key in being proactive and making sure to put out fires before they even start (i.e. scanning for opportunities as well as issues).