Social Media Support and Management; LinkedIn

LinkedIn is yet another social media platform used by individuals and businesses for varying degrees and purposes; most of which are professional in nature. This social media platform is different than others such as Facebook and Instagram. It is aimed at and used by professionals and does not feature or provide a platform for sharing personal content or information. It features articles on different sectors, businesses, and industries depending on what you like, are interested in and choose to view. Here are some of the ways to leverage and support customers and stakeholders as well as manage your online business using the power of LinkedIn:

Choose Content Wisely

Make sure to share things that are well written, relevant and actually matter to your target demographic or demographics. The content is especially important in this professional setting.

Keep your individual and business profile updated

People link you to your company through LinkedIn so it is important to keep your personal profile just as polished as your company’s public page. This will help keep your company image consistent and appealing.

Be Active

It is easy to be relatively quiet on LinkedIn but make sure to actively find, write, and share articles, posts, and people to share, follow and promote to keep yourself and your business relevant in the world of LinkedIn.


Offer timely response to messages, the same way you would on any other platform and make sure contact information on your business’ page is visible and up to date.

Share Ideas

Even if you have just a concept or an idea that has been put forward or in motion, LinkedIn is a great place to share it with potential and existing consumers as well as other industry professionals and experts. It is a great feedback mechanism that allows access to feedback while also being engaging.