Social Media Support and Management; Twitter

Over 100 million users worldwide leverage and use Twitter to express themselves in 140 characters or less. The power of a tweet is ironic given the character limit. Twitter is a platform that has traditionally been a place where consumers provide their feedbacks and opinions on goods, products, services, and companies. This is also a place where these same businesses can promote and communicate the value of their products, services, and business back to the consumer. It is important to manage one’s business twitter account and the respective tweets and make sure that support is offered to consumers on this platform. Here are some ways to best manage your business’ Twitter account and offer optimal customer support:

Leverage the quick speed associated with Twitter

Twitter can feature some strong consumer opinions which can be both good and bad. This means that companies and businesses have a responsibility and an opportunity to provide quick, effective and concise responses. Try and keep response times under 5 minutes, even if it is just redirecting customers or stakeholders to your website, or communicating your coordinates. Some sort of an acknowledgment of a customer’s tweet directed at your business is often crucial.

Personalise your tweets

Coming up with standard content can be effective in making sure you post regularly but make sure to find a balance between corporate tweets and the more personalised content. This keeps users, stakeholders and consumers engaged and feeling empowered and enticed by your business offerings.

Direct Messaging

Respond to tweets directed at your business but you can and should also leverage the direct messaging features on Twitter to more intimately and thoroughly address the tweets regarding specific complaints, issues, questions or compliments.

Be proactive as opposed to reactive

Make sure you have adequate human resources so that you can actively pursue potential consumers by answering questions, following relevant hashtags and pursuing content and accounts that are relevant to your business.