Using Social Media to Promote Your Events

If you are an organization, no matter your size, hosting an event of some kind, or if you are a charity hosting an event to raise awareness and/or money or even if you are an individual with a hobby, there are a lot of ways that social media can work for you. Social media is a great way to promote your event and increase awareness, attendance and the quality of your event overall. Consider the following tactics to promote your events:

  • Facebook Ads

Facebook has a lot of ways to advertize events. You can create an event page, market on your organization’s page as well as use your network. There are also ads that can be customized for your event and used as an initial means of promotion. The beauty of these ads is that they can also be re-marketed and shown to specific and customized audience. One way that is effective is to leverage those who have already seen your ad and re-market the ad to them. This is especially helpful for selling event tickets, etc.

  • Videos

No matter what platform you choose to use, a video outlining highlights from previous events. This will show people how much fun your events are and will entice them to attend or pursue the event further. Make sure the highlights will resonate with your desired or target audience and is impactful.

  • Sharing is Caring

Make sure that you empower your network, customers, and stakeholders with ads, links and information that is shareable. This is important because this will make it more likely that ads will hit the “share” button on their social media platform of their choice.

  • Using Hashtags

Hashtags are used on a number of platforms and therefore creating a unified hashtag will allow for greater reach, engagement and therefore attendance.